Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Ayurveda Viking style...

I have to admit until yesterday I had never had a massage...the whole idea of getting your kit of and 'hands on' from a stranger never appealed to I say, until yesterday.

A friend of mine runs Ayurveda healing sessions and I offered to write a blog post about it...but of course that involved actually experiencing it first...

Rich Lister from The Hero Soul is firstly a trained nurse (which always makes me feel safer) and is the most amazing Shamanic Practitioner and having been to some of his workshops before I knew it was going to be a good experience.

I was ushered into a beautifully calm room that smelt gorgeously of incense and then we sat and had a consultation to discuss my health issues and general state of well being and to discover what Dosha I am (Pitta in case you wanted to know which is a heap load of fire and a drop of water...for more info read Rich's website which explains it all  We then chatted about the best options for my individual needs such as what foods I need to eat or avoid and then what massage suited me best.

Rich is a total professional and I felt completely comfortable and not even the slightest bit embarrassed and yes I got to keep my Bridget Jones pants on!

The oil used is a sesame seed base which smelt lovely and is used warm which was fabulous.  I totally and utterly zoned out during the massage and when it was finished I was completely spaced out, relaxed, calm and centred and my joints felt the best that they have in ages.

Following the massage Rich leaves you with hot flannels coz let's face it ...I was a bit oily!  Which were lovely.

Finished up with another brief chat to make sure I was OK and if I had any questions.

If you are looking for a complete holistic package to sort out any health or emotional issues or even just to chill out and pamper yourself I can highly recommend this, go take a look at his website is based in Porchester, Hampshire.

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