Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Pagan Books

One of the questions I get asked a lot is "who is your publisher" along with "can you help me get my book published?"

In answer to the second question, no I can't, I am an author not a publisher - see my previous blog post So you want to write a book?

In answer to the first question my publisher is Moon Books who are an imprint from the John Hunt Publishing Group

Moon Books is a small publishing company that focuses on pagan books. What they do is take all kinds of authors known and unknown and help them get into the world of authorship...if they like your book of course!   They don't organise big book launches at swanky hotels but they do support their authors with knowledge, experience and advice where necessary.  And of course they do all the copy editing/printing/publishing malarky.

Moon Books has some amazing authors on board and covers a whole scope of pagan pathways such as Witchcraft (obviously because that's what I write about...), Druidry, Shamanism, Paganism in general, Faeriecraft, Wicca and a whole host of other wonderful areas that the huge umbrella of Paganism covers, they also produce wonderful collaboration books too.  Their Pagan Portals series is also an interesting concept - a range of books giving introductions to pagan pathways.

They have a facebook page and also a facebook page for media (bloggers, reviewers, interviewers etc)

The official blurb about Moon Books:
What is Paganism? a religion, a spirituality, an alternative belief system, nature worship? You can find support for all these definitions (and many more) in dictionaries, encyclopedias, and text books of religion, but subscribe to any one and the truth will evade you. Above all Paganism is a creative pursuit, an encounter with reality, an exploration of meaning and an expression of the soul. Druids, Heathens, Wiccans and others, all contribute their insights and literary riches to the Pagan tradition. Moon Books invites you to begin or to deepen your own encounter, right here, right now

and the official John Hunt blurb:
John Hunt Publishing began in 2001 under the name of O Books, and now publishes 300 titles a year. In 2010 the company began reorganizing itself into a number of autonomous imprints operating worldwide in different genres.

We are largely run by authors who have gravitated to being involved in publishing, whether coming up through editing, design or marketing, and they draw in turn on a pool of like-minded people. A central office looks after sales, accounts, and royalties.

We rely heavily on in-house online publishing systems, designed by authors, for authors, in order to be lean, quick, and hand back to the author as high a proportion of the sales income that we can achieve. For example, our ebooks royalties are 50% of receipts (averaging about one third of the sale price), which is the highest royalty rate we are aware of in commercial trade publishing.

What also distinguishes us from other publishers is our attention to marketing. We provide every book with a basic promotional campaign (including but more than the usual press release you usually get with commercial publishers). And then, for every 500 copies sold, we dedicate another round of publicity. This way, the books that are succeeding in the marketplace get the attention they deserve. 90% of our sales come through the bricks-and-mortar and online retailers.

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