Friday, 23 May 2014

At Ganapati's Feet ♥

I read a LOT of books and occasionally one of them makes me say "WOW"...this book is one of those:

Lord Ganesha came into my life early summer last year, everywhere I went I saw elephants...not real ones obviously it would be a bit strange seeing elephants in the middle of a city...or my house...but images of elephants everywhere until I got the message.  So I obtained a small Ganesh statue for my altar, made offerings to him and even created an incense blend to use whilst meditating and he helped and guided me brilliantly.  But once his work with me was done he kind of faded into the background...until now.

Reading David Dillard-Wright's book At Ganapati's Feet yesterday had my brain whirring, my heart bursting and all kinds of epithany moments.
David takes you on his own personal journey with Lord Ganesha and it is moving, beautiful and down right inspirational.

The book not only gives you information on who Lord Ganesha is and how he works with you but also includes guidance on how you can work with him in return and takes you through some of the daily spiritual practices you can use.  This book for me personally is a bit of a life changer.

I read this on the Kindle but I will be pre-ordering a paperback copy as I think this one will be in my 'well thumbed' collection.

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