Tuesday, 13 November 2012

What is your sacred site?

I have written about this before but it is in my thoughts today - what do you think of as your favourite sacred space, site or place?

The obvious answers are places such as Stonehenge, Glastonbury and ancient sites.  But does it have to be? Does a place have to be ancient with Tors or stone circles to be a sacred place?

I don't believe so...

There are many places in the UK that I love, places that when I visit I feel at home, at peace and that all is right with the world, Tintagel in particular feels like home to me - I have never lived there (not in this life time anyway) but I have visited on many occasions and I love the place.

I love Knowlton Henge where the The Dorset Grove hold their rituals, it is a lovely space that used to have a henge and has a Saxon church remaining (or most of it anyway).

I also love being by the ocean, something about the waves and the rocks that brings me peace.

Kitchen Witch hold our rituals at the Queen Elizabeth Country park which is a beautiful setting, we have use of a field at the edge of a wonderful forest it is a lovely space.

I adore the city of Bath along with Paris in France too - both beautiful cities full of amazing buildings.

We only have a small walled garden at home, but I love sitting out there to eat my lunch, or pottering about tending the plants and feeding the ever hungry pigeons.

All wonderful places, but probably not all places that would be classed as 'sacred'.

To me a place is 'sacred' if you feel that it is...

My favourite sacred place?  That would be my home.  It is where I feel safe, loved, protected, comfortable and where I work my magic (it also houses the cake and chocolate...) - it is sacred to ME.

I could connect with nature, cast a circle, perform a ritual and/or work magic in any of the above places and all would be special and all would be sacred to me.

So you don't have to travel miles and miles to 'sacred sites' - yes if you get the opportunity to visit the well known/famous ones I encourage you to do so, it is all part of life's experience but I also urge you to remember that sacred is within YOU.


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