Friday, 1 July 2011

Cloud Scrying

For the past few nights just before I go to sleep I have laid on the bed and looked out of the window and watched the sky.    It has been quite cloudy in the evenings here for the past few days, I have just laid and relaxed and let my mind wander to see what shapes I can see in the clouds.  

To start cloud scrying, make yourself comfortable, you might be able to lie down on the top of a hill, or in an open field, or you could be lying on your bed as I did and looking out the window at the sky,  then just let your mind empty and first of all just watch the clouds.  Then if you have a question let it form gently in your mind, then just watch and see what signs or symbols you notice in the clouds.  Don't hurry it or rush it - the answers will come.

Note down the images you see and think on them, they may make perfect sense straight away, they may take some thinking or meditating on or if it was say, an animal you saw you may need to look up the properties of that animal for it to make sense.

Even if you don't want to read the clouds for signs and shapes or ask questions of them, it is an extremely relaxing way to spend some time.


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