Wednesday, 6 October 2010


This morning felt like a 'duvet day', I really did not want to get up, it was dark and raining outside. I felt very unmotivated (although I have lots to do!), then I realised that it is a New Moon tomorrow, which means today is the Dark Moon - no wonder I feel like I do!

With the Moon phases, the Goddess as Maiden is celebrated at the waxing crescent, as Mother at full and as Crone at the waning crescent. These phases make up the typical symbol of the Triple Goddess. However, even in the emblem, the reverse side of the Full Moon portion is the hidden face, or fourth aspect of the Goddess – the Dark Moon. The waning crescent honours the Crone of wisdom and age, but the Dark Moon is the Goddess of Tomb and Womb.

Meditations rather than magicks are normally practiced on the Dark Moon. It is a time for contemplating and uniting with the mysteries of the Dark Aspect of the Divine.

Ordinarily magick work during the Dark Moon is not likely to be very successful simply because this phase signifies the quiet time, the sleep or dreamtime, of post or pre-embodiment. The rest of Death is celebrated now – the comfort of being embraced by the Lady and the Lord of Shadows for a quiet moment – no magick spellwork calling on them for power, no calling down of the Goddess, but reverie and comprehension of the Passage through Death. This is the silent power that exists after death and prior to rebirth. It is the moment of being received into the Underworld and the moment of departure from the Shadowland to be reborn into the world. It is a time of change and transition.

Dark Moon Goddesses: Kali, the Morrigan, the Cailleach, Lilith, and Hecate.

Magick can be done on a Dark Moon for:

• Addictions
• Change
• Enemies
• Justice
• Obstacles
• Removal
• Separation

The Dark Moon is two days before the New Moon.

Although I can't actually spend the day under my duvet, I will take some time for myself today, a cup of herbal tea and a while to reflect, meditate and plan the rest of my week.


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