Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Whenever possible I try to correspond my workings to the phase of the Moon, I know it's not always possible, but I do try!

New Moon Magick - New moon workings can be done from the day of the new moon to three and a half days after. Magick should be performed between dawn and sunset. Good for beauty, health, self-improvement; farms and gardens; job hunting; love and romance, networking. Protection & creates a shield for the beginning of the cycle.

Crescent Moon Magick - From three and one half days after the new moon through the 7th day. Magick worked as the moon rises at mid-morning and sets after sunset. Good for animals, business, change, emotions, matriarchal strength. Represents the zest of life with the aid of stability. Helps bring forth courage & optimism.

Waxing Moon Magick/first quarter - From seven to ten days after the new moon. Work at sunset. Good for courage, elemental magick, friends, luck, motivation. Gives vitality, courage & strength. Stimulates the heart.

Gibbous Moon Magick - From ten to thirteen days after the new moon. Work around 10:00 to 11:00 pm. Good for patience. Purity & protection. Creates atmosphere for meditation, centering. Innocence.

Full Moon Magick - Fourteen days after the new moon. Prime time is midnight. Good for artistic endeavors, beauty, health, fitness, change and decisions. Children, competition, dreams, families, health and healing, knowledge, legal undertakings. Love and romance, money, motivation, protection, psychism and self-improvement. Light of the sun. It starts to enlighten inner wisdom. Provides clarity, alertness and optimism. Aligns the right use of will.

Disseminating Moon Magick - Three to seven days after the full moon. The time of souls is at 3:00 a.m. Good for addictions, decisions, divorce, emotions, stress, protection. Builds knowledge, sharing, calming, vocal expression and communication. Aids in meditation and enhances inner attunement.

Waning Moon Magick/last quarter - From seven to ten days after the full moon. The waning moon rises at midnight and sets at noon. Good for addictions, divorce, health and healing, banishing disease, stress protection. Transformation from negative vibrations to positive. Balances the energy within the body and helps the mind and body flow more easily with life.

Dark Moon Magick/Balsamic - From eleven to fourteen days after the full moon. Timing is best at 10:00 a.m. Good for addictions, change, divorce, enemies, justice, obstacles, quarrels, removal, separation, stopping stalkers and theft. Universal love of self and others. Draws love to you and removes sorrows and past hurts. Calming, protective, serene. Improves relationships.


(the image used here is by Linda Ravenscroft - http://www.lindaravenscroft.com)

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