Friday, 23 July 2010

Beatrix Potter, Mottisfont Abbey and long horned cows...

Yesterday, one of my good friends and I went on an adventure to Romsey. We went to visit a Beatrix Potter exhibition in a National Trust house - Mottisfont Abbey House.

With our combined phenomenal navigating skills (the sat nav died on the way there) we arrived safely.

What a beautiful country house, gorgeous trees, well maintained gardens and a very pretty house. We had a wander around inside the house first, it had some wonderfully decorated rooms. And then took a peek at the Beatrix Potter exhibition.

A selection of Beatrix Potter's original artwork from her books. Each picture, even though over a hundred years old was bright and clear, you could see all the detail and even where she had made mistakes and painted over them, or changed a part and cut out new detail and stuck it over the top - truly wonderful to actually see them first hand. They are only ever brought out to show once every ten years.

We of course visited the cafe, which offered a wide choice of homemade sandwiches, cakes and delicious sounding hot meals, all using local and seasonal ingredients. Cake was compulsory - chocolate and beetroot cake in fact!

A quick mooch round the National Trust shop, which always has nice things, a purchase of some New Forest ice cream and then we had to make our way back.

Just as we pulled out of the driveway ..... we saw a herd of long horned cows lazing under some trees. I was so taken I had to stop and we took photographs. The one I spotted first was absolutely gorgeous!

I can highly recommend visiting Mottisfont Abbey House, the Beatrix Potter exhibition is running until the beginning of September and I believe during August they are also running Beatrix Potter treasure hunts for the children.



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