Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Paganism 101...a must have book

A fabulous new book due out 28th February 2014, available now for pre-order:

A really interesting idea from Trevor at Moon Books - he got 101 pagans to write about paganism...inspired idea and such a diverse and interesting collection of essays from some amazing people (and me) and of course it has a cracking review from Professor Ronald Hutton (swoon) and  Phillip Carr Gomm so it has high praise from very well respected people.

"Paganism 101 is an introduction to Paganism written by 101 Pagans. Grouped into three main sections, Who we are, What we believe and What we do, twenty topics fundamental to the understanding of the main Pagan traditions are each introduced by essay and then elaborated upon by other followers and practitioners, giving the reader a greater flavour of the variety and diversity that Paganism offers. 

With introductory essays from leading writers such as Emma Restall Orr, Mark Townsend, Brendan Myers, Jane Meredith, Alaric Albertsson and Rachel Patterson and with supporting vignettes from those at the heart of the Pagan community, Paganism 101 offers a truly unique insight."

…Paganism is an umbrella term covering a rich profusion of traditions, attitudes, experiences and beliefs. What better way to reflect that reality within one book than to get so many good writers to represent it? Professor Ronald Hutton

…a much-needed book that gives voice to the diversity of ideas and opinions being voiced by contemporary Pagans. Philip Carr Gomm, Author and Leader of The Order of Bards Ovates & Driuids

...I thoroughly recommend this book as an introduction for people who are exploring Paganism for the first time, and also to Pagans who have been walking their paths for some time for the insights it provides. Mike Stygal, President of the Pagan Federation

…the rather rare opportunity of tuning in to 101 voices, all willing and eager to speak to you directly of what resonated with them. Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, Author, shaman and advocate of our earth-centred traditions.

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