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The Morganville Vampires

The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine

Another series of books that I love, initially I stumbled across the first one in the library but they are readily available in paperback and ebook format.   However I loved them so much that I now have the full set of paperbacks (gifted to me as a requested birthday pressie).

There are fifteen books in the series and they follow the story of a teenage girl who finds herself in a town full of vampires...

Here is the official intro blurb:

An isolated West Texas town. An unsuspecting young transfer student. And a town full of creatures of the night ...

When Claire Danvers, brilliant young freshman, arrives in Morganville, she expects her toughest adjustment to be the killer classes ... but this town's got more bite. It's owned by vampires, and if you want to live, you'd better either cooperate with them and contribute to the blood bank, or have friends with excellent survival skills.

Luckily, Claire's come to the right off-campus housing: the Glass House, where Michael Glass, Eve Rosser and Shane Collins live in their own little screwed-up fraternity of rebellion against the status quo. With mean girls out to get her, vampires out to use her, and a whole town against her, she's going to need all the help she can get.

And the list of books:

Glass Houses introduces us to Claire, the Glass House Gang, the town, and the vampire queen and Founder: Amelie.
The Dead Girls' Dance takes us to a killer frat party, and introduces us to Shane's dad: a vampire hunter with a mean grudge.
Midnight Alley takes us down a dark road in Morganville, to a mad vampire essential to the survival of the town: Myrnin. And Claire's new boss.
Feast of Fools heralds the dark arrival of a new foe: Bishop, the Founder's long-lost father.
Lord of Misrule brings chaos to the town as Bishop's grasp tightens, and even the Glass House Gang must choose sides.
Carpe Corpus puts us in a deadly struggle for the soul of the town, as the simmering romance between Claire and Shane boils over.
Fade Out shows us a deceptively normal town, and a very human enemy with an agenda that will put all the Glass House Gang in mortal danger.
Kiss of Death takes us on a road trip out of Morganville and into the very dangerous real world ... but there's more trouble than Claire ever imagined out there
Ghost Town delivers a haunting tale of one of Myrnin's experiments gone wrong, and a town full of people and vampires losing their memories ... and each other.
Bite Club focuses on Shane, whose combative nature takes on new, dangerous shadows when he joins a local gym, and finds a fight club.
Last Breath brings a new threat to town ... one even the vampires themselves fear and dread. And it may cost Claire everything.
Black Dawn drowns Morganville in a deadly rain as the draug and vampires struggle for ultimate survival, and humans scramble for safety.
Bitter Blood finally shows Claire pursuing her dream, studying at MIT, but leaving Shane behind is the toughest thing she's ever done. But did he follow?
Fall of Night brings Claire, Shane, Myrnin and Oliver back to Morganville, only to find that their enemies already have a fanatical foothold.
Daylighters brings the final struggle for Morganville between those who want to save the vampires, and those who want to destroy them.

More information can be found on Rachel Caine's main website

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