Friday, 27 January 2017

Marco's Pendulum

Two of my very favourite fiction books are written by author Phil Rickman, writing as Thom Madley - the first is Marco's Pendulum and the sequel is Marco and the Blade of the Night.

Both stories are about a young boy and his escapades in Glastonbury. If you have visited Glastonbury and know even a little bit about it, these books will explore the places that you know and love with a bit of the local lore and history thrown in too...oh and of course a bit of magic!

Marco's Pendulum:

When Marco is dumped in Glastonbury to stay with his weird hippy grandparents for the summer, he's sure he's going to hate it. But he soon starts to recognise the magic of the place - the magic that a development company is planning to exploit and, his grandparents are sure, destroy the process. With his mysterious new found talent for dowsing, Marco is quickly drawn into the dangerous struggle to protect the ancient mysticism of Glastonbury.

and of Marco and the Blade of the Night:

Glastonbury is a town steeped in mysticism, magic and religious cults. So when Marco's friend Rosa pulls a strange rusted object out of the riverbank, the rumours start spreading. The power of legends is back in full flow and the hunt for Excalibur is on.

Although written for the teen market I love them!

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