Friday, 6 January 2017

Circle of Three

I am always looking for good books to read and quite often I re-read those that I already have so I thought I would share some of my favourites with you over the next few months, the first is a set:

Circle of Three by Isobel Bird

This is a series of fifteen books following the life of a teenage girl and her group of friends as they discover and explore their journey into Wicca.

Each book follows one of the aspects of Wicca but explaining it in a 'real life' situation which helps to understand how it all works, so for instance the first book in the series is titled 'So mote it be' and follows the story of Kate working her first spell which is of course a love spell and we all know how badly they often turn out!

I read them a few years ago and am re-reading them now and they are still very good - useful if you are starting on the Wiccan pathway or just interesting if you have been a witch or pagan for a long time.

Easy to read and a reminder about the highs, lows and pitfalls of the Craft.

The titles are:
So mote it be
Merry Meet
Second Sight
What the cards said
In the dreaming
Ring of light
Blue moon
The five paths
Through the veil
Making the saint
The house of winter
Written in the stars
And it harm none
The challenge box

Published in 2001/2002 they don't seem widely available now but Amazon do have them second hand and they are all available as ebooks.

Isobel Bird is a pseudonym for the author Michael Thomas Ford

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