Monday, 19 December 2016

12 flavours of Yule...Day 10

On the tenth day of Yule my Coven gave to me...stuffing and sausages

A roast turkey dinner wouldn’t be complete without stuffing whether it is bread or pork based or a mixture you can add in all sorts of yummy ingredients such as nuts and spices. Then you have the little sausages wrapped in bacon...


This little piggy went to market…

I love pigs, having lived and worked on a pig farm in my youth I can appreciate firsthand what beautiful and intelligent creatures they are…although they can be seriously grumpy too…

Throughout history pork has been the meat of the poor man, the commoner if you will so to me it has a great determined strength of energy to it. 

The goddess Demeter kept a sacred pig which became a symbol of fertility.

Native American Indians believe the pig to be a symbol of abundance and to be thankful for what life brings us.

The pig also appears in many cultures as a symbol of luck and prosperity.

The Celtic sea god Manannan had a herd of magical pigs, when eaten they imparted renewing qualities.

Pork Seeds Magical Properties:
Strength, fertility, prosperity, luck, longevity
Element – Fire
Gender – Masculine

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