Monday, 28 November 2016

The morning after...

OK it isn't actually the morning after, it is in fact the morning after the morning after...

Saturday I travelled to glorious Brighton for Witchfest 2016 and what an event it was. I am truly honoured to have been invited to be a speaker.

Previously the location was in Croydon but due to Fairfield Hall being closed for the moment the event was moved to Brighton and in my humble opinion it was an excellent choice.

I had been to the Brighton centre previously on several occasions (Def Leppard, Alice Cooper, Eddie Izzard) but had forgotten just how huge the place actually is but by being more spread out it meant that the event felt less crowded and you had space to move about which was lovely although the market stall hall was busy as ever!

Lots of lovely stall holders selling their interesting, varied and beautiful items and of course a huge 'menu' of speakers to choose from throughout the day - including me of course.  And let's not forget the talented musicians!

My talk was set to be held in Syndicate 3 which did make me think I ought to have a flip chart and talk about profit and was also a bit of a challenge to find the room but the Centre staff were extremely helpful and one lady in fact personally guided us right to it.

I entered a room to be confronted by a sea of chairs...eeep!   When I first arrived there were a handful of people already there and as I got myself prepared and chatted to the Kitchen Witch posse that had arrived with me (bless 'em, thankfully they were there to support me as always) by the time I had looked up the place was nearly full *queue belly flip*...

At a couple of minutes past noon I started my talk to a room full to overflowing, all chairs filled and some people even standing at the back or sitting in the aisle - this was nerve wrackingly scary but also something I am extremely thankful for...and even more thankful that no one got up and left halfway through my talk either...

People listened, people laughed, people responded, people clapped - all of which I am forever grateful for - the biggest hugest thanks to all those that attended, I am truly blessed.

Thanks must go out to those that have since sent me messages and posted comments on facebook saying they enjoyed the talk ♥

A special thank you to Kathie, a lady I hadn't met before who threw me a big hug when she met me in the ladies made my day.

A big hearty slap on the back to everyone involved in organising and running the event  - I would say it was a resounding success.

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