Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Working Magic...Let Go...

Working Magic...Let Go...

Saturday 1st October 2016 (if you are in the UK, in other parts of the world it may be Friday 30th Sept) brings the New Falling Leaf Moon...and with it the magic of autumn.

The leaves turn colour and the tree allows them to fall, it lets go because they no longer serve a purpose, they don't hang on to what they don't need any more.   Allowing the leaves to drop brings a time of restoration, storing and renewing energy and then the new, fresh buds arrive in the spring.

Let go of that which no longer serves, shake your branches to let any stragglers fall away, sweep clean to make room for some YOU time allowing you to breathe and then make plans for whatever comes next.

My altar is very clear, keeping it simple with just a candle and the hanged man card - symbolising a clearing out and decluttering and showing that in nature something dies to allow for new growth afterwards.  In nature sacrifices are made to allow new life to come forward.

Be like a tree...

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