Sunday, 4 September 2016

How to make an author happy...

When you read a book and really enjoy it what do you do then?

How about making the author happy?  It is kinda like an outreach scheme "author happiness rescue".

When a good review is posted on Amazon several things happen:

  • The author smiles or grins or even dances around the room, because after hours and hours, days, weeks, months or even in some cases years...when a book gets published it has had a lot of effort, time and energy put into it and the minute it goes to the publisher for copy editing the doubts set in along with the worries that no one will like it.  Getting a good review helps beat the doubt bunnies with a big stick (Disclaimer: no real bunnies will be harmed in this process).

  • The publisher is happy because it means that the giant leap of faith they took in the author has proved worthwhile.

  • Amazon are happy because it means the books are being well received and if the book reaches the magical number of FIFTY reviews then Amazon do an amazing thing...they start promoting the book for free, yep a big company like Amazon doing marketing for free, how about that? They boost the viewing for the book and they add it to emails and publicity efforts, which in turn makes the author happy and the publisher happy - this equals lots of happy people.

Your review doesn't have to be an essay in fact just the quote "it is a great book" is all that is needed, although if you want to write more of course that is fabulous too!

Obviously I am not just asking this for myself but for all books that you enjoy...make lots of authors happy...

Huge thanks to everyone that already does post reviews, it really is very much appreciated by the authors.

Go on...make an author know you want to...

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