Friday, 13 May 2016

The Wild Boar

I wanted to share with you my life long totem...the wild boar.

What seems like a million years ago I was working with a set of meditations that were designed to help you connect with the masculine energy of deity and it worked but it also led me to find my life long totem and he has been with me ever since.

The Wild Boar

The wild boar brings with him: Self-reliance, protection, prosperity, spiritual strength, warrior strength, warrior mind, fierceness in battle, chivalry, nobility, strategic skills, deadly accuracy, personal power, re-birth, organization, successful confrontation, comrade, respected leadership and pure masculine energy.

The boar is a very powerful totem.
It is a totem of prosperity and spiritual strength and a strong protector totem.
Boar is deeply connected to Mother Earth and the mysteries of nature.
In Beowulf, the epic Anglo-Saxon poem (c. 700), Beowulf himself led his warriors into battle wearing a boars-head helmet as a symbol of his power and leadership.

The Celts believed that the boar, which they called Torc or Bacrie, was their ally in war and there are many Celtic myths involving the boar. 

A famous Irish legendary boar was Orc Triath, which the Goddess Brigit owned. 
In the Arthurian tales of the Mabinogion the boar Twrch Trwyth was a terrible foe to Arthur. 
The White Boar of Marvan sent inspiration to its master to write music and poetry.

Boar asks you to stand up, have faith, and move forward without fear. If you do this, whatever fears you had will soon become be put away and life can be experienced in a new and more positive manner.

Very much connected to the earth energies the boar roots and forages and although their eyesight isn't so good they do have excellent hearing and a sense of smell which allows them to be alert and aware of their surroundings.  This can teach us to look beneath the surface of any issue and uncover what lies hidden.

Boar also helps us to transform through self discovery and to strengthen and develop our personality, character traits and to become a better person.

Boar is powerful but not easy to work with, you will need strength and order in everything to work with his medicine.
But it is worth the effort...


  1. I had a wild boar come trotting up to me when I was living in France. I'd never seen one before only seen where they had been digging. We just stood looking at each other and initially I was afraid because so many say that they are vicious. He went away and stood at a distance and I moved to the shelter of some trees. Then he crossed the track exactly where I'd been standing - think I was simply in his way! Great experience though and led me to search for information about the Wild Boar as totem.

  2. What a fantastic experience!


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