Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Where do you write?

One of the questions I get asked frequently is "where do you write?" and the answer has been different depending on what point in time I was asked.

Originally when I started working from home about nine years ago (for my 'real' job, the one that pays the bills) I worked from my dining room but that wasn't overly practical having to move everything each day to eat dinner.  So I moved to 'under the stairs', not quite ala Harry Potter but almost, it was practical from the point of view that it was my space and I could set it all up as I wanted it and didn't have to move anything but it was fairly dark and a bit chilly having to sit in the hallway.  At the time I wasn't really 'writing' as such, just a few blogs and for the Kitchen Witch School.

Then three years ago the books happened and then more articles and then more blogs (for which I am eternally grateful and also still perplexed by) so I pretty much write/work on the laptop full time now whether it is for my real job (a Personal Assistant) or writing articles, blogs and books so I needed a more permanent and practical space.  In fact I quite regularly took myself off to various cafes to sit and write because I wanted a brighter and more inspiring place to write from (and cake obviously).

At some point last year realisation dawned that we had a much larger and brighter space that we could utilise so I relocated to our conservatory.   I now have a huge desk that has room for my laptop, printer, paperwork and my working altar, behind me I have a huge dresser full of witchy bits and magical herbs and my view on two sides is large windows out to our garden.  It is a bit chilly in the winter as it isn't heated but I have a portable heater and a it can be a tad sunny on the laptop screen in the summer is a beautiful and inspiring space to work in.

I love 'going to work' now and have found that I actually lose track of time in my 'bat cave' (as my husband calls it) because it is such a lovely place to be.

So I do find that where I am and the surroundings I am in can affect how I write and what I write.  To be in a dark and chilly place meant that I was often distracted ...

I still get distracted now but more often than not it is by the birds that visit the garden or the sounds of the wind chimes which actually brings ideas rather than real distractions.

I don't go out to cafes so much anymore but obviously I still eat cake, I just bake it myself instead...

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