Monday, 18 April 2016

Thanks to the butts...

The purpose of this blog post is to send out my heartfelt thanks to lots of people.   My next book The Art of Ritual will be published in May and it came together with the help of a heap load of lovely peeps.

Thanks go to Tracey Roberts, Stacey Mantle, Vanessa Armstrong, Sue Perryman, Samantha Leaver and Josh Petchey all of whom wrote and contributed ritual scripts for the book, you guys rock.

I also want to thank 'the butts'...those that appear on the front cover of the book...

I hope I have identified everyone correctly:

just a slither of Zoe
and Katy hiding behind Louisa
and Gwen behind Sue

The photo on the cover was taken by my lovely hubby at a Kitchen Witch open ritual back in June 2014, it was held at the Queen Elizabeth Country park and the ritual was in honour of the goddess Sulis, we also had a couple of inititations into the coven that day too.

More thanks must go to the Kitchen Witch ritual team who write the ritual scripts along with myself and Tracey Roberts - Sue, Ness and Josh and occasional Hellenic influences from Sam too!

And even more thanks to everyone that joins us in ritual, the energy of any group ritual is made up from each and every person that takes part and our rituals are always full of such wonderful energy and it is you guys that must take the credit for that.

Our next ritual is Saturday 21st May 2016

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