Thursday, 7 April 2016

Kick butt Conqueror root...

I was very blessed to be gifted some High John the Conqueror root this week, something I haven't worked with for a while so I wanted to do something special with it, in case you wanted some info about it...even if you didn't here it is anyway...

High John the Conqueror root:

  • Apparently just owning the root will bring you success, luck and love (hoorah!).
  • Holding the root and calling out the name High John the Conqueror and asking for his blessings will bring you what you require.
  • If you always have a piece of the root you will never be without money.
  • Pop the root into a green bag or wrap in green cloth to bring success, prosperity and luck.
  • If you are looking for love then wrap the root in red cloth or pop into a red bag with a representation of the one you desire with it (only if that 'free will' thing doesn't worry you of course).
  • The root can be carried with you as a talisman to ward against hexes, to prevent depression and bring the owner courage, success, personal power and abundance.
  • Burn the root to help remove blockages and help solve problems.
  • Add to incense blends or sachet powders for love, protection, success, prosperity, protection and peace.
  • Drop the root into a base oil and steep to create an anointing oil or perfume to bring success, love, money, protection, removing obstacles and bringing confidence and strength.
  • Add to a floor wash to bring protection to your home.
  • Use in workings for any kind of job, financial or business success.
  • Use to heal and strengthen your aura.
  • It will bring a magical boost of power to any working.
  • It is a very masculine energy and definitely fiery.
  • It kicks butt.

So basically this root is a small and let's be honest pretty ugly thing but boy does it pack a powerful magical energy.

But don't eat it...coz it is apparently incredibly laxative...

So I am off to make some magic...

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