Friday, 18 March 2016

The Goddess Lakshmi

I have been working with the beautiful Hindu goddess Lakshmi this month and wow is she amazing...

She wears a red sari covered with gold decorations as she sits on a lotus often with a pot or gold coins in her hands and is surrounded by elephants.

Also called Laxmi she is the goddess of fortune, power, luxury, beauty, wealth and fertility.   She can bring you fulfilment and contentment of the material kind.  She has a motherly air about her but is also full of excited energy.

Her sacred name is Shri and this is written on petitions and spoken before addressing any revered individual.  The word when spoken or written creates an aura of sacredness and whatever follows is full of divine blessings.   Om is often associated with the mystical things in life and Shri is the balance on the material side.

As the earth goddess Bhoodevi she nurtures life and as Shreedevi she is the goddess of fortune who bestows power and prosperity to those that she believes deserve it.

The four hands represent the four ends of human life: dharma (righteousness), kama (genuine desires), artha (wealth), and moksha (liberation from birth and death). The front hands represent the activity in the physical world and the back hands indicate the spiritual activities that lead to spiritual perfection.

Lakshmi is one of the mother goddesses and is addressed as "mata" (mother) instead of just "devi" (goddess).

It is the Hindu tradition to evoke the Lord of Obstacles, Ganesha, to clear the path to success. Ganesha removes obstacles so Lakshmi can deliver fortune into your life.

Although Lakshmi and Ganesha often work together her mate is the god Vishnu, the Great Preserver.

To evoke Lakshmi light a candle in her honour, think about what good fortune and prosperity mean to you whether it is material or spiritual.  Evoke Ganesha to clear the path by chanting 'Om Ganesha' three times then ask the Goddess for her help but don't forget to put effort into the goal from your end as well.
Lakshmi can guide you to prosperity but also better relationships and a whole life full of joy, she can also guide you from the darkness into the light.  If you work together with her she can bring you to a higher state of living and being and into a situation where you can create anything...

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  1. She came to me all by her selv.I didn't call apon er. I kerp hearing her name inside my self and felt her present. But she never brought me wealth. A few days ago she came to me again. I had the sound of coins falling. ding ding ding sound.I saw it also inside my selv. She says her name if i forgot it. 😃. She also put money bills in my hands. I am on it would be a huge help so i can move on in life if she brought me something through indpiration to do something. Cross your fingers.💖


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