Monday, 22 February 2016

Hair cut frippery...

Yes this is a blog post based on a might seem all about frippery but I think it is actually quite a bit more...think about Samson and Delilah...

In my 47 years on this planet I have had pretty much every hair style in the book from crew cuts and spikes through the 80s Flock of Seagulls fringe to perms, straight, curly, flicked, short, mid, long, every style of bob possible and even a mullet...and every colour too including green (although that was by mistake).

However for the past few years I have had long hair, very long hair going way down my back.  Why? well I could wash it and leave it without styling, I could straighten it, curl it or pin it up and to be perfectly honest I thought it was 'witchy'.

Then last year it got so long it started to get on my nerves, it got caught in buttons and handbag straps and was always in my face whenever I tried to do anything (write, type, cook, clean etc) and it started to look straggely.  So I had 8" cut off.  And then I felt frumpy...there is no pleasing some women...but it grew again until it was way down my back once more.

But for the past few weeks I have felt like a change, it could be the time of year, it could be my cycle of life but last week I picked up the phone and made an appointment at the hairdressers.  This is of course after several long conversations with my very patient husband who assured me that he would still love me without long hair...

I sat in the salon and the lady asked "what would you like today" - my reply was "a revamp"...I followed that up with "do whatever you want with it, I want it much, much shorter and I don't care what style as long as it isn't mumsy and looks funky"...

She cut my hair short, to my jaw line and feathered it all.

I came out of the salon walking on air with a HUGE feeling of relief as if a weight had been lifted...which it had really...there was more hair on the salon floor than there was left on my head.

Now usually when I have taken the plunge to go from long hair to short I start to regret it after a few days but I can say with confidence that this time there is no such feeling, in fact I keep thinking now that it could be even a bit shorter.

It was time for a change and it has left me feeling so much better.

It was a lesson for me in trusting my intution, in trusting the hair dresser and to know that I don't have to have long flowing hair to be a witch or indeed to be and feel attractive.   Let's face it I am no spring chicken but I definitely didn't want to have a 'middle aged' lady hair cut but what I have is good and I am very pleased to not be tied to long hair just because I felt I ought to keep it.

I put off having my hair cut because of what I thought others might think and how I felt I 'ought' to look...following and trusting my intuition was definitely the right choice to make...

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  1. Agree with everything you have said Rachel. Recently did the same thing myself and no regrets!


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