Sunday, 10 January 2016

Working Magic...FOCUS

As it is a New Moon and I need to stop procrastinating and bring in some of that elusive focus thingumy...I thought I would work some magic...

Intent: FOCUS

These can be brought into play using coloured cloth, scarves, coloured pencils/pens or candles.


Crystals can be placed on your altar, carried in your pocket, put around your candle or made into a crystal grid to bring in the energy.

For clarity - jade
For concentration - green tourmaline, carnelian, lodestone, red jasper
For creativity - smokey quartz
For willpower - rose quartz, black onyx, tiger's eye, ruby, garnet

Herbs & Scents:
These can be used in incense blends, magic powders, tea blends (only the edible and non poisonous ones obviously), popped onto your altar, used for dressing a candle or in an oil burner or made into a pot pourri mix.

For focus - clove, frankincense, citrus, cinnamon, pansy, pine, ginger, sage
For inspiration - hazel, rowan, vervain, willow
For memory - caraway, honeysuckle, lemon balm
For clarity - apple, cardamon, clove, orange, rosemary, bergamot, juniper, lavender, mustard
For creativity - bay, chillies, paprika, vanilla
For decisions - lemon
For energy - cashew, chillies, coffee, citrus, paprika, sesame
For willpower - rhubarb
For intuition - ash, elder, sage, willow
For success - cinnamon, lemon balm, ginger, sage

And to ground...cakes and cookies obviously...

I chose to create a Focus incense blend using:
Lemon balm

I also made a Focus tea blend using:
Orange (dried orange peel)

Working the magic:

I wrote the word 'focus' on a piece of paper and used that as the centre then I charged each herb/spice and crystal that I chose to use with my intent and put them on my altar around the intent paper.  I didn't have a particular design in mind I just let my intuition take over.  I also chose an orange candle to light as well.

The tea will be drunk as I prepare to work and the incense will be lit at the same time along with the candle.

The lists above are just suggestions...go with your own intuition.

May the focus be with you...

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  1. Good idea. I've been using rosemary eo for years to help me focus when studying or working. I also have haematite I. My pocket, or on the desk as it's great for grounding me and stopping me getting distracted (squirrel!) from the task at hand. Good luck getting focused, sounds like you've got this covered!


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