Saturday, 19 December 2015

On the tenth day of Yule...


On the 10th day of Yule my witchy scent for you...

Star Anise
(Illicum verum)

An ancient herb, the star shape seeds of Star Anise come from an evergreen shrub and the seedpods are picked just before the fruit ripens and are dried in the sun.  The star shape of the seed lends itself to all sorts of magical correspondences and representations. They have a delicious aniseed aroma and taste. 

Place star anise in the corner of each room in your home to bring luck.  Keep a whole star anise on your altar to help keep a spiritual connection.  Place a star anise beneath your pillow to induce prophetic dreams and also to help you sleep.

Burn star anise as an incense to purify and protect your home and also to help increase your psychic powers or wear one in an amulet or pouch to provide psychic protection and keep away evil.

Make a sachet of star anise and bay to pop into your bath water to purify and cleanse your aura and energies.

It is also a good herb to use in New Moon rituals and spell work along with New Moon recipe dishes.

Star Anise Magical Properties:
Luck, psychic powers, purification, protection, dreams, spirituality, sleep
Ruling planet – Jupiter
Element – Air

Gender – Masculine

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