Thursday, 26 November 2015

Look beyond...

I was nominated this week for one of those facebook thingummies that suggested I should "pick five photos of me that made me feel attractive"...

My initial inner self confidence wanted to reply straight away with "seriously I look fahabulous in all my photos darhling..."

My inner rebel wanted to reply with "really?  what kind of madness is this?".

But then I thought about it...and then I started to look back through my many facebook albums...seriously how many photos?  I don't have that many real photos in proper albums!  Anyway I initially started with photos of my younger self, I have a few from the mid 80s when I were a young 'un and actually apart from the really bad hairdos when I looked, I didn't think they were my most attractive.

Spin forward to the late 90s when I was slim, blonde and tanned...nope even then I thought "they are OK but..."

Then I realised that actually this is all about self confidence, it is a self esteem and a big boost for your inner "look at me, look at me" to shine...

The images I liked the best were recent ones, photos of me in ritual or laughing at my husband taking photos of me...

My dress size is much larger than when I was 16 or 21 but I am actually very happy with my curves...

My hair is going grey but dye sorts that out.

I no longer follow fashion (flash back to the 80s with neon leg warmers and ra ra skirts) I wear whatever the heck I like (much to the dismay of my children) and I wear it because I like it.

The realisation that actually although I am now 47 and my face (and parts of my anatomy) are a lot lower and saggier than they used to be it is now that I am at my happiest and most content, my inner confidence is probably at the highest it has ever been.  Obviously I have my bad days and my wibbles every now and then but as a human being I feel OK.

So apart from being a bit of a trip down memory lane looking at all the photos it has to do it...go it now...five photos that make you feel attractive...see beyond the outer shell...look within and see the images that make you sparkle ♥

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