Thursday, 12 November 2015

Inner witch versus sensible head...

OK so this blog post is not very deep or thought provoking and it certainly has nothing to do with world peace or any kind of serious political issues...but it is a thought rattling around in my head so I thought I would share it with you...

I am going to be giving a talk at Witchfest for the first time ever this Saturday, for those that don't know about Witchfest it is supposedly one of the largest witchcraft festivals in the world...only it's held in is (for me anyway) a big deal and I have to admit to being a bit nervous...

My talk is all sorted in my head (subject to all sorts of diversions on the day), my bag is ready with books and a big box of chocolates should bribery be needed however the one question that is unresolved so far...what to wear? (see I told you it wasn't earth shattering).

My inner witch says "go full on Steampunk witch...floor length velvet skirt, lace up corset and top hat with goggles" sensible head says "really?  it is going to be a very long day, you will be up with the larks and home with the owls, sitting on a train, lugging books from the station to the venue and standing up all can't even sit down in your corset without dying through lack of oxygen..." Sometimes I really dislike my sensible head.

But to go 'casual and comfortable' just doesn't feel right...I am a speaker...should I not at least attempt to look 'witchy'?  But then my sensible head steps in and says "what does a witch look like anyway? Do you have to be full on draped in black velvet just to be a witch?"  Well of course you don't, I am sitting here in jeans and a grandad shirt with baseball boots on...and I am still a witch!

So...sensible head may have to compromise with inner witch and come up with an outfit that is both comfortable for a long tiring day but also a bit 'dressy' so that I at least feel like I have made an effort.

If this is the only dilemma I have to worry about today then I am incredibly lucky...


  1. I love the corset look but know what you mean, not the comfiest garment. Maybe keep the skirt and change the top? You'll look fab anyway, you're a witch and we are all beautiful anyway. Not that you'll need it but good luck anyway. X

  2. Great post! And the picture looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing!


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