Friday, 3 July 2015

If you can't find what you want...write it yourself...

Last year Tracey and I decided that we would not run Kitchen Witch workshops this year or do many fairs to give ourselves a bit of free time to study, we felt that we had been so busy we hadn't been feeding our own spiritual cravings.

So we signed up for two different courses...sadly neither turned out to be what we were looking for, so in true Kitchen Witch style we wrote our own...

Arc of the Goddess was the result, this is the course we really wanted to do ourselves so we will be doing just that, when it launches on 1st August we will be working through it on a day to day basis alongside the students and we are incredibly excited about it.

A year long online course taking you on your own personal journey through the magical energy of each month, working with different deities, meditations, crystals, herbs, crafts, magic and foods; this course will help you connect and discover your own personal pantheon and ultimately the Goddess within...

Monthly pdf lessons & MP3 meditations to download, private facebook group to share & connect, full guidance and support throughout the entire course and beyond...

Total cost, one off payment £50 (approx $76.79)
(£45 for Kitchen Witch School students)

For more details or to book hop on over to or our online shop via

If you don't have time to start on 1st August it will be open registration so you can jump on board any time you like.

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