Monday, 8 June 2015

A hidden space...waiting to be discovered...

About seven or eight years ago I was lucky enough to find myself working from home after spending my entire working life (from the age of 16) in an took some adjustment but I have to admit there is no way I could go back to working in an office now (although I did love my years spent there).

I started out with a laptop (quite a large one then!) and set up a small computer desk in the corner of dining soon got in the way and I migrated to working from the dining room table which was a pain as I had to move all my work items every day.

We then had the idea of creating a desk under our stairs (not quite Harry Potter but almost) and for a long time it worked as my job was part time and I didn't have to spend all day there.

Then life got busier with Kitchen Witch and then with the book writing and I found myself sitting in a dark and drafty space for a long time each day and although it worked I started to yearn for views of the garden, more space and a bit of light, a lot more light actually and I migrated once more to working from the dining room table.

Then a couple of weekends ago I came downstairs to find most of my witchy goods (herbs, cauldrons, candles etc) stacked across our dining room floor.  Hubby had decided to re-purpose our conservatory which in fact had ended up as a dumping ground for all my junk...into a work space for me *big smile*.

Several hours and many, many dustbin bags of junk later and a repurposing of some lengths of velvet and sheer fabric I have a beautiful work space.   I even have an old dining room table as a desk which is huge.  I can sit with windows all around me and not only a view to the garden but double doors that open out onto it, I can watch the birds and hear the wind chimes whilst I work.

We didn't purchase anything new we just moved furniture, re-purposed items, up-cycled and threw out a heap load of junk to make more space.  My ideal work place was already here it was just waiting to be discovered.

It does have a feel of the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel about it with the multicoloured drapes across the ceiling and that is perfect for me...

I hadn't realised just how depressing and uninspiring my old work space under the stairs was, I actually look forward to 'going to work' each morning now and have spent every day in my new 'Little Marigold Hotel' and have not stopped writing since...

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