Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A brilliantly bonkers book...

This book is brilliantly bonkers...

Intelligent Designing for Amateurs by Nimue Brown

This book is mad, absolutely raving bonkers but brilliantly so...it has everything; mystery, intrigue, dead bodies, inquisitive children, circus freaks, matriarchs, crack pot inventors, druids, steam punk, mice with wheels, socialites and more...all woven cleverly together to create a captivating story...you won't want to put it down...

The official blurb:

Charlie Rowcroft meant to be an inventor but mostly she fixes other people's mistakes. Then her new neighbour, socialite archaeologist Justina Fairfax brings a curious find to see if she can reassemble it. After which the chaos begins in earnest, with mad industrialists using mortless (undead) people to power their factories, druids on a traction engine who wish to thwart them, a retired pirate who just wants a quiet life, a stilt-walking dissenting preacher, the arrival of a freak show and other improbable personages and events who emerge as the plot unravels.

Nimue's website http://hopelessmaine.com/

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