Friday, 6 February 2015

Three beautiful Druidry books...

I have three beautiful books to present to you today all from Joanna van der Hoeven.

Pagan Portals - The Awen Alone: Walking the Path of the Solitary Druid

Druidry is a wonderful, spiritually fulfilling life path. Through the magic that is Druidry, we build deep and abiding relationships with the natural world around us, and through our connection to the natural environment we walk a path of truth, honour and service. We aim to immerse ourselves in the present moment, in the present environment, in order to share in the blessing that is the cycle of life. Throughout the ages, people have withdrawn from the world in order to connect more fully with it. This book is an introductory guide for those who wish to walk the Druid path alone, for however long a time. It is about exploration and connection with the natural world, and finding our place within it. It covers the basics of Druidry and how, when applied to the everyday life, enriches it with a sense of beauty, magic and mystery. This book is for those people who feel called to seek their own path, to use their wit and intelligence, compassion and honour to create their own tradition within Druidry.

A very down to earth 'all you need to know to get you started on the journey of Druidry' book. Written beautifully the author starts with the basics, takes you through daily practices and guides you on how to create a druidic pathway that is tailored to you with plenty of practical suggestions and ideas along with the essence of what it means to be a druid.

Pagan Portals Zen Druidry

Taking both Zen and Druidry and embracing them into your life can be a wonderful and ongoing process of discovery, not only of the self but of the entire world around you. The aim of this text is to show how Zen teachings and Druidry can combine to create a peaceful life path that is completely and utterly dedicated to the here and now, to the earth and her rhythms, and to the flow that is life itself.

This little book gives an outline of druidry, what it is and how it works, followed by an introductory tour of Zen teachings and then shows you how to bring both 'traditions' together to form Zen Druidry. Very intriguing concept, well written and interesting for anyone on a spiritual path.

Dancing with Nemetona

Nemetona is an ancient goddess whose song is heard deep within the earth and also deep within the human soul. She is the Lady of Sanctuary, of Sacred Groves and Sacred Spaces. She is present within the home, within our sacred groves, our rites and in all the spaces that we hold dear to our hearts. She also lies within, allowing us to feel at ease wherever we are in the world through her energy of holding, of transformation. She holds the stillness and quiet of a perfect day; she is the stillness at the end of it, when the blackbird sings to the dusk. She is the energy of sacred space, where we can stretch out our souls and truly come alive, to be who we wish to be, filled with the magic of potential. Rediscover this ancient goddess and dance with a Druid to the songs of Nemetona. Learn how to reconnect with this goddess in ritual, songs, chants, meditation and more

A beautifully written book about one of the illusive but wonderful Goddesses. The author takes you on her own personal journey working with Nemetona and shares experiences that will give the reader a fabulous insight into working with her. This lovely book also contains practical information on rituals and sacred space along with entrancing meditations to try.


  1. Where can we purchase these books? Thank you.
    Brightest Blessings,

    1. Hi Sandra - if you click the highlighted book titles on this page it takes you to the Moon Books website with links to Amazon


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