Monday, 23 February 2015

Loveliness and much hotfootedness...

Saturday was one of those very lovely days when lots happen and you get to spend it with fabulous people.

We held our first Kitchen Witch Coven ritual of the year and focused it all about that 'lurve thang', a beautifully written ritual scribed by two of our lovely Priests/esses - Autumn Ravenflower and Amunhart.  It was fabulous to catch up with everyone and spend time in circle with gorgeous people.

Then some of us ventured to the wilds of Titchfield to a barn in the middle of experience the wonders of firewalking.

Hosted by the amazing Rich Lister of Hero Soul/IWalkOnFire we spent the evening immersed in warrior energy, we broke planks of wood with our hands grrrrrr! broke arrows on our throats and then the grand finale...walked on fire...yep actual red hot embers.  We watched the fire walk being set up and saw the flames climbing high *gulp* until we ended up with a pathway of hotness...I may have sent up a prayer to Ganapati before I stepped onto it but once I was there I strode across those hot coals like a good un...definitely an experience for everyone to have at least once in their life.

We have spent time with Rich on several of his workshops before - birthing drums and shamanic ways and have always come away with a sense of purpose, determination and new found inner peace/strength/warrior rar!  The firewalk was no exception.

For more details on the Kitchen Witch rituals see our website hub or the facebook group

For more details on Hero Soul/IWalkOnFire events see the website or the facebook page

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