Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Look, learn and experience...

There is no short cut to experience...and I whole heartedly believe this...and that comes from someone who has zero patience...

I have learnt a huge amount during my time on this planet from the obvious basics of learning to walk to learning to keep my mouth shut and not knee jerk to a situation...experience has taught  me it is better to step back, think, sleep on it and then usually by then I am 'so over it' that I don't feel the need to get involved in arguments.

My spiritual pathway has been one huge learning curve and it still continues, even after a gazillion years walking it my journey still twists and turns.  There are practices that I started out with that I no longer do and new ideas and ways of making my pathway work for me appear on a regular basis.  Part of my journey is to be open to new ways of doing things and new ideas to make my spiritual journey my own.  What works for me might not necessarily work for the next person and vice versa.

I started out following all the instructions that I read about and then all of the ways to practice witchcraft that my initial training gave me...years later I don't necessarily practice in the same way, I learnt, I experienced, I adjusted and created practices that work for me.

Every new journey that we begin we start as a newbie, an innocent and a novice, it is only by working with it, practicing and experiencing that we start to learn how to work with it and what is required, you don't start a new pathway knowing everything.  For instance, two  years ago I was dropped into the world of book writing and I knew nothing, absolutely nothing although I had experience with writing lessons and blogs book writing is a whole different kettle of frogs.  And I made mistakes...but hopefully I have learnt from them, I may not always get it completely right but I work in a way now that is very different from that first book.

We all have strong ideas, views and opinions on all sorts of things but only by experience can we actually stand by them, we have to be open to the ideas and suggestions of others on all sorts of subjects, they won't necessarily resonate with you all the time but on occasion they may just provide you with total 'aha' moments and send your views along a completely different pathway.  Or your own ideas may do the same to someone else.  Remember...man once believed the world to be flat...

I spent a few desperate years believing that I NEEDED a matron goddess...I worked with several, each time hoping that they were the right one...I had been on the witchcraft pathway for seven years before my matron goddess arrived and it was unexpected and not planned at all, stop looking and you will be surprised who finds you.  She has been with me ever since but I am still open to other deities that pop by because they are all there for a reason and in being open I have had amazing experiences with various deities each with a lesson for me, guidance or support.  I now seem to have found myself with a patron god as well, he has been with me for nearly two years now...but only now after all that time am I really believing that he is a patron deity because these things take time and I don't want to jump in and get all 'dedicated' to find that actually he was just with me for a particular part of my journey.

Be open...don't be a complete know it all...be guided by your intuition but don't let it carry you away...share...don't rush, spirituality isn't a race and experience everything that you possibly can...

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  1. As someone who is just starting out on a certain path, and trying to get a feel for things, this is fantastic advice. Thank you for sharing. :)


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