Friday, 30 January 2015

Why all the cakes?

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed an abundance of cakes/baking/cooking recipes appearing on my facebook page recently so I thought I had better explain myself...

I have always loved cooking making all meals from scratch, holding dinner parties and catering for lots of people however baking was never my favourite.

Then we started providing homemade cakes for the Kitchen Witch rituals and workshops and it sparked my love of baking.  Following on from that we were asked to write a regular recipe column for the Mystik Way magazine and then I was asked to write recipes for the Pagan Dawn magazine.  So it was a combination of coming up with nice recipes for the rituals and workshops and then looking for interesting things to write about for the magazines. And of course for anyone that has done our online courses they include recipes too!

Then Tracey had one of her lightbulb moments and we created the Kitchen Witch Cakes from the Cauldron book...more baking...lots of testing...and heap loads of photographs of cakes...

The spark of interest in baking has now become a passion (trying not to use the word obsession) added to the fact that I have been writing a book about magical food for the past seven months which is now with the publisher for copy editing there is no escape.

We have been running the Kitchen Witch Cauldron blog for a while and that has now also encouraged us to start a Kitchen Witch Cauldron facebook page too.

There may well be a Cakes from the Cauldron book two at some point as well.

There is magic in baking, in cooking and in creating beautiful dishes I love the whole process and find it incredibly medative and calming...oh and the finished product is also very well worth it...

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