Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Update from a cold, wet and windy corner

Well it's January...it has never been my favourite month and I am not liking this one much more than the rest of them.  Although in the scale of things for me personally it isn't really that bad, but the World as a whole does seem to have gone completely mad.

The weather is cold, wet and windy here in the UK and it is back to routine and school runs in the pouring rain, although I have one child home poorly at the moment with the cold bug thing that seems to be doing the rounds.

And of course I am feeling the 'festive food hangover' and desperately trying to eat in a vaguely healthy fashion...

I have HUGE amounts of writing to do but motivation seems to have departed except when it comes to baking...yesterday I was distracted by a maple syrup cake and sesame seed brittle which all turned out brilliantly (even though I say so myself) but wasn't actually very productive on the writing front (or the healthy eating).

Today my mission is to crack on with the wordage...I am very close to finishing the manuscript for A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Food and if I don't finish it soon it will be 2016 before it gets published!

I did get a couple of recipes made at the weekend for my next article in the Pagan Dawn magazine but as they work ahead the feature won't be out until Beltane...so we stood in the garden in a howling gale taking photographs of baked goods and hoping that the scene we set looked summery...it was all we could do to stop the cakes from blowing of the plate... (and yes that is Columbo on my apron).

Preparations are all sorted for our trip to the Enchanted Market on 7th February where we will not only be running a mini magical herbs workshop but we will also have our Goddess Temple set up for the day for meditations, petitions, blessings or just for people to pop in for a few minutes and chill out.

Writing is also being finished up for our Herbal Pathways course that starts on 1st March, it is always really interesting writing the courses because as we write them we also work through them, always an eye opener!

Right...motivation...focus...determination...ooooh sparkly shiny things...

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