Sunday, 25 January 2015

Just me...being me...

I was asked recently to write an essay for a Moon Books collaboration which I was more than happy to do because the others that have been published are excellent books (Naming the Goddess, Witchcraft Today & Paganism 101).

However when I sat down to be honest the subject title scared me a little...
"Modern Pagan life, Being, Believing & Belonging in the 21st Century"It sounded a bit grown up for me and I ummed and ahhhd for a bit about what to actually write.  What if I didn't understand the meaning of the title and got it all skew wiff?  What if everyone else wrote a really clever essay and I didn't?  What if...what if...PANIC!

Then I thought...hey it's me...I am not an academic or an historian and have never claimed to be.  I walk my own pathway and can only share what I have learned along the way in my own fashion.  I have studied the pagan pathways in depth, in fact I love to study and I like learning from all sorts of different sources and all different pathways then I take the bits that work for me and I make them my own but it does not make me an expert, not by a long shot and I still have a lot to learn.

My books are written the way I talk, if you join us at the school, at a workshop or a ritual, listen to me at a talk or meet me in person you will get the just being me...and that's how I write my books.

I was asked in an interview recently "how would you describe your style of writing" and my answer was - pull up a chair by the fire, have a cup of tea and a slice of cake, let's chat.

I admire those that can write eloquently and intellectually but that isn't my own style, I can only be ME...and I realise that I am actually very OK with that.

But I will still be apprehensive about reading the other essays when the book comes out...I just hope I don't need a dictionary to understand them...that would just be embarrassing...

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