Thursday, 4 December 2014

The dark days of hormone gremlins...

Just so you know...hormones are pesky lil buggers...

I am extremely blessed with my life, although I do work blinkin hard to make sure it all works. But I still have 'dark' days like everyone else.

I was once accused of 'living a fake life' because I didn't ever post on facebook that I was having a bad day...well of course I have them.

I just don't see the point in upsetting and depressing everyone else by posting it on own humble opinion and choice, if it works for you then that's your choice to make.

But this year I have been hit with the peri menopause and aside from the very inconvenient hot flushes, the hormones are a total pain in the butt (well actually a pain in the lady bumps but you don't need to know that).

Even my Mrs Claus spirit has been dampened a wee bit in the last couple of days.  I am tired and listless, no energy and no inclination or inspiration to do very much except build a duvet fort.

But...I am a busy lady with responsibilities - to my husband, my children, my friends, family and our lovely Kitchen Witch students so I cannot retreat totally into the darkness and maybe I shouldn't. For me to be down in the dumps is not easy for those around me to deal with either (especially after the past few weeks of festive energy!) I have been a grumpy pants for a couple of days and as I don't know what to do about it,  that makes it even harder for those around me as they don't know what to do with me either!

What is the solution?  Well I am not sure that there is one, ladies have been going through this for millenia, I am not the first or the only one nor will I be the last.

So I think it is just a case of dealing with it as best I can.  I am extremely lucky to work from home so at least I don't have to battle the traffic and an office (been there, done that for many years, got the t-shirt).  So once the school run is done I can at least make my 'duvet fort' a slight reality.

I think sometimes our bodies just tell us what needs to happen and if we don't listen to them we can get into a bit of a pickle.

So today I am working this morning - making sure emails are all answered, homeworks responded to and general admin kept up to date and then I am going to have the afternoon off...a spot of film watching, blanket on the sofa and maybe even a hot chocolate.

I don't think it is possible to 'fight' hormones as such, I have been taking some sage supplements which are helping with the hot flushes but I guess even the magic of herbs can't always beat the hormone gremlins.

As a Witch I listen to nature, I listen to the turning of the Wheel, I listen to my intuition and as a woman I must start to listen to my body and work with it and even those dang hormones too...but I ain't gonna let the buggers win...


  1. I needed to hear this today. I too am fighting the Hormone gremlins which have dulled my Festive Spirit and even had me in tears last night (Most unusual for me!!) Ive decided to fight it with positivity and happy thoughts!!! Thanks for sharing you made me feel less alone, Love Hazel xx

  2. Life is good on the other side.. :) :) just hang in there.. :) :)

  3. Hi brave insert, hormones almost destroyed my life I am said to have an over active system which means in short I am normal one week a month. Laugh but it can really hold you back and but major strain on relationships. I finally found the thing that help, not solve just makes it workable: attitude and knowing your limits. Sounds simple.... decided really decided that you will be in control of what you say and do not your hormones, then make sure you keep things in your day as simple as possible if you know this will be the case. Arrange things so you can move things or delay things even if for a day till you can get to them. Then have recoveries planned ie. Cool shower with favourite smells, comfy clothes a cup of tea and some uplifting music. Oh and if that's what's needed at 14h00 on a Monday so be it rather a time out of an hour or so than it dragging on into the rest of your day and effecting everyone. Hope this helps.

  4. Pesky little blighters arn't they ? try defusing them by carrying or wearing a nice big chunk of Moonstone! I'm sure most of us ladies of a certain age have all been where you are now? Hopefully it won't last for ever?I know I have been a bit down in the dumps lately but then I don't like Christmas like you do, I've turned to chocolate which hasn't really helped cos now I feel too fat and don't want to leave my sofa either! We must turn our thoughts to those less fortunate, imagine sleeping rough with no duvet to snuggle under! Lets count our blessings (or in your case days till Christmas lol) I'm sure you will soon have your sparkle back where it belongs BB Laurie x

  5. Chocolate makes you hot flash along with coffee, and any caffeine drink. Stick to herbal teas that calm and cool. Check out the herbal teas in Mountain Rose Herbs on line catalog, there is a great tea for ladies going through menopause. Feel really blessed you work at home. I worked full time nights in a Critical Care unit. Often had to change my uniform two or three times a night, and dressing in cap, gown, gloves, and mask when working with infectious patients was hell! Especially when all the while I had to maintain calm and be pleasant and reassuring to my patients.

  6. Hearing and holding! We can do this :) xx


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