Saturday, 6 December 2014

Pagan Portals - The Morrigan

A fabulous new book from Morgan Daimler focusing on the ancient Irish goddess, The Morrigan - seriously packed full with all kinds of information, pretty much an 'everything you ever needed or wanted to know and more' about this intriguing goddess.

Pagan Portals - The Morrigan
Meeting the Great Queens

Ancient and enigmatic, the Morrigan reaches out to us - learn who she is and how to answer her call.
On shadowed wings and in raven's call, meet the ancient Irish goddess of war, battle, prophecy, death, sovereignty, and magic. This book is an introduction to the Morrigan and several related goddesses who share the title, including Badb and Macha. It combines solid academic information with personal experience in a way that is intended to dispel the confusion that often surrounds who this goddess was and is. The Morrigan is as active in the world today as she ever was in the past but answering her call means answering the challenge of finding her history and myth in a sea of misinformation, supposition, and hard-to-find ancient texts. Here in one place, all of her basic information has been collected along with personal experiences and advice from a long-time priestess dedicated to a goddess who bears the title Morrigan.

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