Thursday, 11 September 2014

Get the funk out...

Warning...this blog post has no answers - only questions, rambles innanely and makes absolutely no sense, but sometimes ya just gotta empty your head...

I have to admit..for the last couple of weeks I have been in a complete I know why? Nope not at all and that's the worst part, if I knew why then I could do something about it.

I have absolutely no reason to be in this grumpy diva mood because quite honestly life is pretty good - it makes no sense, which just makes the whole thing even more frustrating.

I am sure I am not alone in this.  Why does it happen?  Added to that of course every little tiny problem that happens feels like a huge event.

Last week was the start of a domestic appliance saga, yep I know it happens, the washing machine died followed only hours later by the demise of the tumble dryer.  Not the end of the world...but it felt like it.  Should have been simple to sort, albeit we had no money...but there were hiccups and that just made the whole situation feel like a major castrophe - I was a total drama queen diva...

I also feel like I have no focus at the moment - which when you are writing a book with a deadline is really not good!  However when I sit and think about it I have been quite productive, the new book is actually coming along nicely, our new Celtic Goddess course rolled out last week and we have been blown away by the response, the Kitchen Witch School is ticking along nicely and we have met some amazing people along the way that we are now honoured to call friends.

Next year is all sort, planned and organised with some really exciting new projects to get our teeth into and after this weekend we pretty much have a quiet few months and perhaps that's just what we need?

As a working mother, wife, witch and author life does get pretty hectic sometimes, especially over the school holidays when the children are home from school ... working from home and school holidays do not make for a productive schedule!

I love working with all the Kitchen Witch projects - long may it continue, but I also need to fill the gap - my inner being needs a bit of bottom kicking.

There is a void of sorts...can't quite put my finger on it, don't know what it is or why I feel like it but it's there.  What to fill it with though?  I don't have an answer for that...and there adds to the frustration.

Perhaps it is the control freak in me that wants answers for it all and everything sorted, organised and done NOW!  I am not good at sitting back and just letting things flow at their own pace. (Yes I am a complete nightmare to live with...).

I suspect as with most things it comes down to balance, finding that balance in life between work and play.

Next month we start a three year training course of the priestess variety which I am looking forward to and hoping that it will help fill the space, I haven't done any study for a long while now and my inner geek spiritual student is crying out for some attention...I have my new lever arch file at the ready...

So I shall keep ploughing forward getting things done and keeping it all together...with only intermittent bouts of eye water for no apparent reason and fighting the urge to run away to a desert island (I wouldn't last long...where would I bake the cakes?), being thankful for those close to me that provide unending support and trust that the universe and the goddess have some sort of plan in action...

Let's face is good, I am truly blessed in all areas of my little world and the problems that I have are miniscule compared to many others in the world - I just need a new pair of sparkly big girl pants.

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  1. I think it happens to us all and is called living :-)


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