Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Clearing out, de-cluttering and charity

The past few mornings the fresh hint of autumn has been in the air, it is most definitely on the way which as it is the autumn equinox today makes perfect sense.

It is at this time of year that we seem to have a good clear out...particularly wardrobe wise.

The past weekend we turned out all our wardrobes and several bags of clothes from the loft.  It was a really therapeutic exercise.  Bear in mind that clothes are my weakness (watches hubby's eyes roll) although to be fair the older I have become the more choosy and dare I say it even slightly restrained I have become in my clothes shopping.  I never spend lots of money on one item and I always purchase items in the sale or from charity shops...but I do have a very large wardrobe...and then some...

Not only were summer clothes packed away and winter ones removed from their storage - away went the flimsy summer dresses and shorts and out came the heavy skirts and a silly amount of velvet items...I love velvet *sigh* but we also found bags of clothes in the loft that were marked up as "skinny clothes" from a time over the past few years when our waistlines were a lot smaller.

Hubby has been amazing and lost a couple of stone over the past few months so he was delighted to be able to fit into quite a lot of the 400 band t shirts we recovered from storage...OK slight exageration but not by much...

My skinny clothes however were sent straight to the charity bag...

We were really ruthless and banished clothes that had been sitting in the wardrobe for months, the kind of item that you look at and say "well I might wear it...one day" - now all gone to charity.

It did make me think how lucky we are to have all  these things and it also made me very aware of how materialistic it is, but I am hopeful that I am allowed one small weakness...but I am working on it.

However the end result was ten...yes TEN bags of clothes for charity.

It does feel like a time to sort, de-clutter and re-organise, preparing for the colder, darker months ahead...this weekend we will work in the garden, tidying and sorting making ready for the garden to hibernate until spring.

Wishing you all blessings of the equinox ♥

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