Friday, 4 July 2014

Trust me...

My thoughts today are on trust (not for any particular reason just one of those random things that pops into my brain)

Trust...small word...BIG committment.

Every day we put our trust in all sorts of people.

Trust me I am a doctor...
Trust me I am a policeman...
Trust me I am a drummer...(oh no... wait, I am not sure about that one...)

As part of my faith and my beliefs I put my trust in the Goddess in that each day she will guide me where I need to go, my intuition and instinct are part of that as well, learning to trust your intuition is not always easy but it is a powerful skill to have.

I think any relationship needs to be based on trust whether it is a marriage, a friendship or a partnership, for me trust is the key.

In the past I have had a habit of freely trusting everyone but life and experience have shown me that trust has to be earnt and not freely given - which is sad but I have found it to be true.

We put our trust in the police, the medical profession, the bus or taxi driver transporting us, teachers to look after our children even the person that comes to fix your boiler - we are putting our trust in their hands to do the job properly.

Trust between friends can be tricky...when you sit and gossip with a group of people (and let's be honest we have all done it) what happens the next time when you aren't there?  Do you trust those people not to gossip about you?  Gossip can be very damaging and in my experience very rarely the actual truth.

I used to lend things to people, whatever they needed - books, CDs, DVDs etc - but I sadly I have been forced to stop doing it.  Too many experiences of not having things returned (especially books which are extremely precious to me) or having to repeatedly ask for things to be brought back which is embarrassing.

Lending money to friends is a killer...generally (in my opinion) guaranteed to end a friendship - you help a friend in need out - promises of returning it asap are given - you trust...but it doesn't materialise, you have to ask, excuses are given, you ask again - lather, rinse, repeat until there comes a point when it is just all to cringingly embarrassing and it hangs over any meet up like a huge elephant in the room - end of trust, end of friendship.

I have been very happily with my husband for 22 years now and one of the keys to our strong relationship is trust, communication probably coming a close second.  Especially when you are in a relationship as we are where he is a drummer in a rock band and out gigging - you have to trust otherwise the ole green eyed monster kicks in and that is another relationship killer.

I am not saying I get it right all the time - far from it.  I have had a lot of friendships over the years where I have openly trusted and had it go belly up - but if we didn't attempt friendships or relationships at all then we would be extremely lonely!

We can only try to be the best person that we can and for me trust is a big part of me...I am a witch...

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