Monday, 21 July 2014

Time for a clean sweep...

Over the past couple of weeks I haven't been feeling 'it' (no Carry On Film sniggers please) what I mean by 'it' is everything, what I do, how I feel, where I am going...

No particular reason, just feeling a bit disconnected from it all and not really knowing why or how to move forward.  The full moon and now the waning moon don't help!

I have recently had a fabulous shamanic reading from one of our lovely Kitchen Witch School students, very insightful and I have been mulling over that as it shows several pathways.  Last week's horoscope from the fab Astro Twins and then this week's too shows that I should be taking on new challenges, putting my business hat on and rocking the world...but it's been a bit of a struggle.  A new book contract last week was of course fabulous and our new Goddess Pathways online Celtic Goddess course has had an amazing response and we are really excited about starting that with everyone on 1st September.

But...and here's the thing...sometimes stuff doesn't work, sometimes it does at first but it grows tired (or I do), sometimes it doesn't work from the start (thankfully we haven't had that happen yet) and sometimes you start something and others like the idea and start similar ideas as well, which is cool, coz everyone is different and we all want slightly different things right?  (Does any of that even make sense?).  I guess a weekend of seeing so many 'pagan politics' on facebook doesn't help either, so many  people with such strong views about what should be done and how it should be carried out - to be honest it has started to feel like I am in the middle of some kind of bizarre competition, a kind of 'pagan it's a knockout' (you have to be as old as me to remember that TV programme).

So what to do?  Well sometimes it can be time for a change and the waning moon is actually a good time to look at what worked, what didn't and what you need to get rid of.  So this afternoon will be spent with a cup of chai latte, a very large notebook and a pen...and allow my intuition, mind, inspiration and general ideaness (I know it's not a real word) to open up...

Having a good look at the past few months and seeing what really rocked and what didn't, what made my heart sing and what I feel tired of doing ... because let's face it, if the person teaching/leading/running something doesn't have their heart in it then the whole thing will reflect that. 

Time a good clean sweep of the old and for some new ideas and some new zing...

Tracey is already waiting...possibly quite scared...for a barrage of emails containing mind maps and strange, wild ideas for the which she will obviously add her own strange and wild ideas ...or send me an email back saying "you have got to be kidding me..."


  1. I must say for someone so disconnected, you always seem to spell out (no pun, I promise) what I've been feeling and a lot of the time help me to make sense of this jumble. I too need to put pen to paper and explore the infinite possibilities for forward motion.

    Thank you

  2. It must be difficult. I always look to you and think how totally frickin awesome you are. You always seem so...........I dunno, focused. Knowing what you want to do and doing it. I guess that's the thing with the weird and wonderful world wide web - when you run a business (especially with social media) you're plagued by people doing similar, the same, strong views and opinions and you're left second guessing. I know it's hard, but when I start feeling disconnected, I disconnect. No social media, no internet, no smart phone - REALLY disconnect. Quieten all the other voices going on and listen to your big beaty heart. It knows the way. xx


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