Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Mists of illusion...

More thoughts on feeling disconnected and generally grumpy with the world pagan or otherwise...

(See previous blog posts - 'disconnected' and 'clean sweep').

I don't think we are ever totally disconnected from the Divine, life, each other, the web of Wyrd etc...I am actually beginning to think that we just can't see that connection sometimes.

I think that the opinions, views, thoughts and actions of other people added to our own create a mist of illusion that causes us to feel disconnected and cut off.  The connections are still there...we just can't see them.

Whatever faith you are, whatever you believe in - divinity does not abandon us but we sometimes just can't see it.

My feelings recently have been my own creation obviously, but they have been 'sparked' by the words and actions of others.

I see a lot of drama and a lot of heated discussions on various forums and social media sites a lot of which make me cross and want to jump in with my own views.  A few years back I would have...I would have just leapt in, knee jerk reaction and made my own point.  Trouble is when everyone does that things always, always get heated, taken out of context, misunderstood and all kinds of nasty breaks loose.  Experience has taught me to step away from the keyboard.  Because let's face it, how many times have you read a thread on Facebook where each person has shared their views on a subject but it is quite plainly obviously that none of them have actually read the other comments?  Healthy discussion and debate is fun, interesting and inspiring...but only when everyone takes on board the comments of each other, when people actually 'listen' to what the others are saying.  That doesn't seem to happen very much, especially on social media.

So I don't get involved...does that make me a big wuss?  No I don't think so, I prefer to think that it makes me strong, it takes a lot of will power (that I don't have much of) to step away and not get involved.

It is that kind of 'dicussion' that makes me cross and then despair about the world in general, I think it is then that the illusion starts to be created.

Being an author and being a part of a team that runs workshops, rituals and an online school we also enter the world of marketing, sales and competition - which doesn't necessarily go hand in hand with pagan views.  I am  not going to get into the 'no money for spirituality' argument, it's boring snoring, but even if you are putting on free events (which we also do by the way) you are entering a world of marketing your event, competing with others and hoping that people will turn up...sometimes that gets a bit stressful!   In this scenario I am learning that you just have to get a thicker skin, do what you do, go with your intuition, put it out there and hope that the Gods have guided you correctly and that you are doing something that will help, guide and support everyone in the right way.

Maybe I just wear rose tinted spectacles and want the world to be full of peace, love and understanding but I am trying to learn to see past the illusions...

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