Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Ah the pleasant warmth of synchronicity...

Even after so many years of following a spiritual pathway it stills makes me smile when sychronicity comes into play.

I have had a few things to 'deal with' recently, not my doing but the actions and words of others - all part of my journey, all lessons for me to learn.

Then today I got out my nice new leather bound journal to start my first homework assignment for the hinduism course I have just started...and what does it deal with?   Not letting things that others say or do upset you...learning to just let it pass you by and not let it wind you up. Being happy with your lot. ...hah!  Synchronicity strikes again...

It is sometimes difficult  not to judge others, we as a society do it all the time, jealous of the achievements or wealth of others - even if they have worked very hard to gain or achieve what they have.  Upset because someone else has done something you wanted to do first or has something that you yearn for.

Only YOU can achieve your goals, only YOU can get to where you want to be but only YOU can do it with hard work, effort and determination.  Seriously...no one else is going to hand it to you on a plate.

I have said it before and I will say it again as it is very relevant to a recent experience of mine:

Judge a person on what they say to YOU
Judge a person on how they treat YOU
Don't judge them on the hearsay of another or whether they are friends with someone you don't like or part of a group you don't approve of.

Jealousy and hate can eat away at you, it is a form of poison - let it go.  Congratulate that person for their achievements, be happy for them and their hard work - don't allow the green eye monster to eat you up.  Take it as encouragement to work hard for what you want and what you can achieve.

We are all here on this planet together, we might as well all get on with each other - it would make life so much easier...

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