Thursday, 29 May 2014

Mixing it up...

If you read my last blog you will know that I am working with Lord Ganesha at the moment and it looks like he might be with me to stay (which I am of course delighted about) so I have re-dressed my altar, well one of them...

I am only touching on the beginnings of how a good Hindu would set up an altar, there are all sorts of lovely rituals to 'awaken' my Ganesha statue and beautiful prayers to may take me some time but I am going to investigate this all and do it properly.  Not that I am going to convert, but I just think that if I am to work with a Hindu deity then I need to be respectful and do some research.

I know some of you will be horrified that one of my altars not only now has a statue of Lord Ganesha on one side, a nod to The Cailleach on the other side (she has her own altar in the other room) but also candles and offerings to the goddess Sulis that I am working with at the moment on it too.   A long story short...The Cailleach is my Matron goddess but she works best in the cooler months so usually during the summer she gives me another goddess to work with...enter Sulis...

Will the deities argue with each other?  I am pretty sure they are tolerant of each other as long as I try and keep them all least I haven't been struck down by thunderbolts or lightening ... yet...

Lord Ganesha is strong and powerful as is The Cailleach, both of them suit me down to the ground so I think this will be a long and fruitful, and not uneventful relationship.

Have I mixed up Celtic with Hindu?  Yep I sure have and you know what? I don't give a flying flipflop as to whether it goes against 'the rules' or not - it works for me.    Both The Cailleach and Lord Ganesha were very insistent that I work with them.  The Cailleach has been with me for about 8 years now and Lord Ganesha for just over a would have been rude to ignore them.

So I have followed my intuition, been guided by my instinct and so far it has worked out perfectly fine, I would go as far as to say it has worked incredibly well for me.

So I say...go with the flow, always listen to your instinct and if it means mixing it up and going against the rules (who wrote those rules anyway?) DO IT!


  1. Such a beautiful altar! I totally agree - go with what feels right ;) enjoy your research...and cake :D

  2. There will always be those who think Deities shouldn't mix or things should be done a certain way. The beauty of Paganism and Witchcraft is that it is individual and there is no right way to do things, only the way that works for you.


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