Monday, 7 April 2014

Rocking my warriorness...

Yesterday was AMAZING...totally and utterly.

I spent the day with some lovely like minded souls at a Shamanic Workshop run by the awesome (his favourite word) Rich Lister - energy worker, Shaman practitioner, Leach, Yogi and Heroic, huge Viking type.

We journeyed, we worked with spirit guides, we drummed, we learnt an Apache Smudge ceremony in fact we learnt huge amounts of information...still processing...and we broke freakin arrows with our throats...yep I know... MAD but it brought out our inner warriors and I am still buzzing from the energy today (OK my throat might be a little bit sore this morning too...but I am a warrior I can cope).

Yes I know I am a witch, what the 'eck am I doing going to a shamanic workshop?  Well...firstly I love to learn new things, secondly I know Rich and wanted to work with him again because he is such a fantastic teacher and you know what?  So many of the shamanic practices cross over into the Craft as well, the hedgeriding I work with is basically a shamanic journey, we all smudge - although I learnt some new ways of smudging yesterday and a whole different approach to it and it is incredibly spiritual (there are loads of other reasons but I think you get the idea).

I went looking forward to doing some journeying and a bit of drumming...I came home with a WHOLE lot more.  New experiences, new ways of practising, new ideas and a total sense of release, a clearing of mental and emotional blockages that I had been holding onto and did I mention I broke an arrow with my throat?  A general feeling of awesomeness (another Lister word) positive energy and the notion that I can take on the whole world with my new found warriorness (possibly a made up word).  Added to that I got to spend the day sitting on a wild boar cool.

Rich can be found on his website or on facebook

He will be running other shamanic workshops, he also runs drum making workshops (which I did back in February see here for my blog about it), look out also for fire walking coming soon and he also provides shamanic healing sessions and all sorts of other interesting and exciting things...go check it out...


  1. You make it sound so amazing! I think I definitely need to reconnect with my 'inner warriorness' and will definitely head on over to the website for dates and locations for classes :)
    Thanks Tansy for sharing your 'journey' it really is inspirational and empowering, May the path you choose continue to be so blessed :)
    moonsgoddess xxx

  2. You are more than welcome - glad to share ♥


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