Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Pleasing people, getting it right and restoring woodland walks

You cannot please all of the people all of the time - FACT.

Even if you put on the best event ever, make the most amazing record (how old am I or am I that old that vinyl is now fashionable again?), cook a delicious meal or write a ground breaking awe inspiring book - there will still be that one person (or two) that won't like it, will pick holes in it or write a bad review, that as they say 'is life'.

And you aren't ever going to please everyone, the same as I don't like everything.   Each person is individual, each person has their own tastes and own views, some just choose to moan about things more than others...

Even the 'rich and famous' don't always get it right.  I have noticed that two of my favourite TV cooks - the Hairy Bikers launched an online diet club...and each time they post about it on facebook it gets a heck of a lot of negative responses and reviews.  Although I have to admit...the bikers doing diet food does not compute bless 'em.

I love to eat out in restaurants and wouldn't have guessed would you? ;-)  And I love using Trip Advisor to write reviews and also to read up about hotels before I book them or restaurants before I use them.  Even the most amazing place that has hundreds of positive reviews will always have a few bad ones, those guests that had a lumpy pillow or the wrong colour bed spread.   I use my judgement and if the place has lots of positive reviews I take the odd bad one as just a grumpy person that had a bad day.  Obviously if the place has lots of negative reviews especially about cleanliness or bad service then I avoid it - you do have to use your common sense.

As an author (oooh how grown up do I sound?) and someone who regularly co-hosts rituals and workshops it is a constant fear that not everyone will like your book or go away from a ritual or workshop happy and content and to be honest I don't think I will ever stop worrying about it.

I have been holed up indoors for a while feeling a bit poorly and sorry for myself and I guess that's when the worries start to creep in too.  However this morning I visited the Queen Elizabeth Country Park to collect the key for the Forest Annexe that we will be using for our workshop on Sunday and it was a beautiful visit.  The sun was shining and I rambled for a while through the woods - breathtakingly pretty, fresh air, birds singing and all was right with my little world.   I have to also say that the staff at the QEP have been amazingly helpful and so friendly, very lovely people.

Back home from my woodland adventure (via their cafe for a very nice latte) I am reminded that the Goddess does move in mysterious ways and even being poorly is a lesson that sometimes we do need to take time out but it doesn't pay to sit and mope for too long - there is a BEAUTIFUL world out there and just spending a short while connecting with nature restores your spirit and soul.

I won't always get things right...but I will try my hardest...

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