Friday, 21 March 2014

Makeup, no makeup, confidence and scary eyebrows

Love all the 'no makeup' selfies that have been flying around facebook and all for such a good cause.  Although some of them seemed to miss the point and didn't have any mention or links about it being in aid of cancer.  Apparently it started with breast cancer awareness whereby people were sponsored to go without makeup, all money raised going to breast cancer charities.

However...the Independent newspaper says:

The no makeup selfie trend may have sparked a huge cancer awareness vs narcissism debate, but it is arguably more productive than previous viral trends, if the £1 million in donations made within just 24 hours is anything to go by.  Cancer Research UK has received more than 800,000 text donations since it began sharing the text code for donating on its Facebook and Twitter pages yesterday.

Having had a personal experience with ovarian cancer some years back and knowing a lovely lady that is on that particular journey right now I chose to donate my money to:

another good one is Macmillian:

It did make me stop and think about makeup though - I had lots of lovely comments from people along the lines of 'oh you look better without makeup'...and for that I thank you all ♥'s the thing...

When I was younger I did go without makeup (although not often it was the 80's after all) but then I also didn't need to wear a bra and my body hadn't been through two C sections and copious amounts of cake...

But my skin is now 45 years old and my dressing table mirror is incredibly honest, when I sit in front of it first thing in the morning it does not tell lies.  Don't get me wrong I feel very blessed and am more than happy with how I look, I am perfectly comfortable being ME.  But whatever way you cut it, makeup is a confidence booster. I don't consider that I wear a lot of it, I don't have the orange tint or scary eyebrows ;-) And having discovered last week after 22 years together that hubby doesn't like red lipstick that's been thrown out too...but I do like to put on 'a bit of slap' if I am going somewhere special and I do wear light make up every day.

However...I have worn less makeup in the last couple of days, choosing the 'natural' look rather than the false eyelash look and I have to say I like it.   I do wear make even if I am not going anywhere and I do it for two reasons 1. because it makes me feel better and 2. because even after those 22 years together I still like to make an effort and look nice for my hubby, not wearing any make up does make me feel like I couldn't be bothered (my own opinion, my own thoughts, not meant to be judgemental about anyone else!).

It probably won't stop me from wearing the Aunt Sally eye look when I go out partying next time but it has all been food for thought.

I guess it made me think - wear make up or not - it is YOUR choice, go with what makes YOU feel good and if it gives you confidence slap it on...just don't expect me not to laugh if you have scary eyebrows ;-)


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