Saturday, 15 March 2014

escapee chicks and playing with pots of dirt...

I am writing this now feeling truly, truly blessed ♥

I have not long been back home from our first Kitchen Witch ritual of the year - I have to admit to feeling a little bit 'rusty' having not had one since Yule last year.

Slight panic setting up in our yew tree grove and wondering where everyone was...only to discover they had all been waiting in the car park for me LOL.

The sun was shining, the grove of trees we work in has such a lovely energy and as we were setting up three large horses trotted past...lovely and spooky as we were going to be working with Rigantona.

I cannot adequately express how blessed we feel that so many lovely people turn up each time, our true 'regulars'  - I am sure it's not just for the cake...;-)  It was also fabulous to see new faces today too.

We had a lovely ritual and quite a lot of laughs including escapee chicks (not real ones) wind/lighter issues and playing with pots of dirt.

It is a real honour and pleasure to have spent time in circle with such a truly lovely group of people, many blessings to you all ♥

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