Thursday, 6 March 2014

Altar dressing intuition ♥

I have two main altars in my home and a couple of other smaller ones...and a very understanding husband ;-)

One is dedicated to the Cailleach but I also dress it for the seasons, the other I tend to 'go with the flow'.  Yesterday was one of those days, I knew I had to re-dress the altar and I knew it had to be red but I had no idea how it was going to turn out or what the purpose or intent of it would be.  This happens occasionally so I tend to go with it and the reason becomes apparent on completion.

So red cloths came out as did anything with a heart on it, pink and red candles, pink crystals and pink rose buds from our wedding cake (aaaaah ♥).  My garden very kindly provided some pink camellias to put in a vase too.

I was drawn to place four cards from the Sassy She oracle deck - Knowing, Passion, Spirit and Heart...aha it was starting to make some sense now.

The wooden 'inner altar' has three little dishes on so I added rose petals, cinnamon and lemon balm to those.  All three for passion, love, strength and success.

Finished...and I have my altar for inner strength, self esteem and passion for what I do and who I am - et voila...all things happen for a reason and this is the altar that I need right now.

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