Tuesday 14 January 2014

The Magic of Nature Oracle

I have received a lovely parcel in the post today:

A beautiful set of oracle cards designed by Sheena Cundy with illustrations by Tania Copsey.

I opened the package to find a very pretty hessian bag and inside that a lovely set of 39 big (5.5 x 3.5") oracle cards, a very detailed book with all the meanings and a signed certificate of authenticity - a wonderful set!

The design of the cards is based around nature itself to include the seasons, trees and animals such as ladybird, silver birch, summer and badger.

The first card I pulled was Silver Birch with the meaning "service" - Purification, Reverence, Mediumship which is quite funny as I have my mediumship development class this evening LOL

The book gives several meanings for each card - experience, lesson, gift and a magical mantra.

Lovely cards and a really nice gift to give someone as well with the addition of beautiful packaging.

Card sets can be purchased from


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